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Refuge LARP Portland

Welcome to our world

Welcome to Refuge LARP Portland!

A General Welcome

Refuge is an exciting game of high fantasy, mystery, and fun! We play weekend-long events in Goldendale, WA and Eugene, OR (although we're always looking for more sites!), as well as the occasional gameday in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area. We've also been known to host online events, so you can get your feet wet and meet some people without all the stresses of coming to game the first time!

We welcome people from all walks of life to our game. Please be sure to check out the NEW PLAYER FAQ in the ABOUT section, if you have an interest in learning more about what it's like to play our games. That FAQ is exapanded on in our PCING and NPCING guides, and you can learn more about what to pack and what to expect from your first event on our FIRST EVENT page.

Want to know more about the game itself? There are a ton of resources under the RULEBOOKS tab. We're adding more regularly, so if you don't see something you think would be helpful, please let us know and we'll look into adding it!

About Our Game

Refuge Portland is Portland's local chapter of Refuge LARP. We have two campaigns, and are always looking for new players to join us in our excellent hobby!

Our two campaigns - Palla and The Broken Shards (BroS) - tell two different stories. Palla is the story of a pacifistic group of people trying to save their settlement from monsters, while pirates help (and hinder?) the process.

In The Broken Shards, players have found themselves, by accident, a long ways from home with no way to return. They are looking for a way to get home and maybe make a difference in the lives of others along the way.

Palla is a standard campaign with players of all levels. The Broken Shards has a level cap to ensure players are fairly low level. That cap increases regularly as games are played. Palla plays 5-6 times a year in non-pandemic times, while The Broken Shards plays about twice a year.

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While Covid-19 has rocked the world and changed a lot of things, we are still LARPing. We have taken precautions that you can read about on our Covid-19 Policy Page. Many things are the same, but some are different, including people's various desires and needs.

Our policies around Covid-19 are being constantly scrutinized and updated. Please check back before each game to see where things are at, or join one of our Social Media pages to get notified when it updates.

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Our game was designed to be an older family-friendly space! We don't allow players younger than 8 to play our game, and children 8-14 need to Page, but they are welcomed. There are things for these older children to do, and there are some adults playing who have been playing with us since they were 8!

If you want to know more about our policies around children playing our game, check our our page information page.

It's important to note that, while our game on the whole is around PG to PG-13, there are a lot of older teens and adults present, so individual experiences may vary.

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Refuge as a game was founded with the desire to be a fun, exciting and inclusive experience for all. We are very strict about our desire to ensure the safety of all.

From our Diversity Committee, who works to ensure an inclusive experience for people from all walks of life, to our Refuge Accountability Committee, who acts as an oversight committee for the owners and chapters, to our national Code of Conduct, we aim to create an environment where people are welcomed and feel secure in exporing their stories.

Suggestions on places for improvement are always welcome! Please reach out if you have an idea!


Our chapters are found throughout the United States and Canada. Wondering if there's a chapter closer to you, or near where you are going on a trip? Check out our Online Database to see!

Any character you create in any chapter can be played in any other chapter. Some chapters do have level caps, so you might have to squish your character, but you can play them anywhere you like! For more details, check out our National website.

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Is LARPing with Refuge for me?

There are always things to consider when deciding to pick up a new hobby. Here are some of the ones we suggest thinking about:

If you have considered these points and are ready to explore more, please go to our New Player FAQ page to read more

What should I know before I start?

LARPing is an incredible sport, hobby and adventure. But there are some things to think about before you begin exploring the hobby as one that you want to join:

There's an awful lot to do and think of at first, but we do promise that we'll try our best to ensure that you are as well-supported in your journey as you can be! We encourage everyone who plays to routinely check-in with themselves and others to ensure they are coming to the game from a place of compassion (for themselves and others). We want to tell amazing stories, and we want YOU to be a part of it! Join us now!

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So what now...

Thinking LARP sounds fun? Start at the top with the Beginnings tab and read from left to right across the menu. Getting Started will help direct you through the choices you need to make and how to get your questions answered, if you have them. Good luck, and can't wait to see you in the world!

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